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Always helpful, courteous, honest &” fair plus very professional
Ed Adams

I have bought many a tool from powerhouse, I have purchased 2 Lawn mowers and a lot of handheld. I have never been there when they are not busy and I never go there in a hurry. The sales staff have always been great. I also appreciate that the staff sells you what you need instead of what they make the most off of. Recently i went in and purchased a new zero turn mower. I cut about 1.5 acres of grass that is heavily landscaped. I talked to Raymond the manager and I was looking at mowers in the 3000 to 4000 range. He recommended I get a smaller mower. I was a little apprehensive. He told me if it didn’t work out to come back and we would make it right and I would upgrade. It has been amazing. I bought a 42 inch xl and it cuts like a dream. I dont have a lot of sand so I didn’t NEED the fabricated deck. He was right. I have sent several people up there and they have also bought or serviced equipment.

I have worked in multiple industries and in all of them you have complaints. People are really quick to point out things that went wrong but rarely document great service. I was looking for a number to call them at and seen these comments.

I have never met a team more willing to work with people than powerhouse. I have seen people in that that act a fool over something as tiny as not having a blade in stock that day.

If you take one minute to remember that other people are out there in the wold maybe you would realize your mower just needed some TLC. Or maybe they didn’t want to be rude and tell you the 3 month old gas you dumped in that thing is what is causing issues.I had a mower in there for a while under warranty, It was a diode that no one ever seen bad. They replaced 1000 bucks in parts/labor over 3 weeks for a 18.00 part. I got all of them still on the mower including a new clutch and relays ect.

All I got from them was a loaner mower for a day and an apology for it taking so long.

As far as that youtube video and 2 hours of your life after watching the video and having technicians fix other problems. My Labor rate is about 125 an hour. so that would be 250 plus any parts. My time is worth money as well.once again thanks Raymond and the powerhouse crew. Kaleb Bryan and Russel for doing the best job and providing outstanding customer service to a bunch of old grumpy retired military dudes like me.
Daniel Simmons

First met Brandon at the 2016 Ga National Fair at the Powerhouse Booth. I was looking for a ZTR upgrade for my 6 year old Gravely ZTR. He took plenty of time to explain the features of the unit I was considering. He answered all my questions. He said to get a value for my mower he would need to see it so I told him I would try me best to get there as I live over a 100 miles away. I went there this past Friday with my mower loaded on my trailer. He and Raymond came out and went over everything to determine the value. As with an automobile, I was somewhat disappointed with the amount they offered me for my mower. But Brandon, Raymond and I continued conversation and they came up with a deal I could live with. They immediately got someone to begin getting my new mower ready. They even agreed to take the cover top off my old mower and put it on the new one as well as taking my hitch off my old ZTR and put it on the new one. However the hitch off my old mower would not fit so they ordered me the correct one for my new mower and will ship it to me. I must say they were very helpful and nice to me during the entire process. Had Brandon not taken the time to answer all my questions at the fair I would probably have never went to Warner Robins to buy my Gravely Pro Turn 260 ZTR. They have assured me that future service will not be a problem either. So special thanks to Brandon Causey as well as Raymond and the rest of the staff at Powerhouse for all their help.
Jacky Smith

Awesome staff!
Brandi Bray

Great for specialty parts. Service was good. Prices are OK.
Albert Holmes

I went in just before closing time on a Friday afternoon looking to buy a new Gravely zero turn. They didn’t have the one that I wanted in stock, and would have to order it. That wasn’t a problem, they told me they would have it by the following Friday, and they kept their word. Raymond and the salesman stayed way after closing time to work out a financing issue. We got the issue worked out, and Raymond was gonna order the mower for me on good faith and a hand shake. I then knew that the Powerhouse team truly cares about their customers, and will go above and beyond to take care of them. I highly recommend them to anyone for your lawn care needs or repairs. When I left today, I didn’t leave as a more than satisfied customer, the Powerhouse guys built a friendship, and that means something to me. They will ALWAYS have my business.
Stewart Barker


Love this Powerhouse Located in WR! Always so friendly with Fast service! Raymond is very professional and always takes such good care of us! We wouldn’t go anywhere else! 🙂
Katherine Simons

Just another kudos for the excellent customer service provided by a locally-owned business. The folks at Powerhouse always go over and above to satisfy the customers and show their appreciation for your business. Knowledgeable, efficient and more economical than the box stores. Great Job Kevin!!Raymond and the crew are always busy but also always willing to help as quickly as possible. They are polite, even when busy, and dedicated to helping their customers. Good group!

Kevin, Raymond, John and Caleb provided A+++ customer service to help us get our equipment back in record time. Even starting before scheduled hours to get it done! Locally owned service is what the box stores do not understand or care. Great Job to Powerhouse!!!
Stephan Holcomb

Everyone friendly and great service
Kevin Boatner

Great staff! Knowledgeable people! And they sell guns and bows!
Anthony Fallin

Steven Edenfield

Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment – Ray HedgecockSuper nice folks, very knowledgeable about their equipment offerings. My experience was very pleasant and I would not hesitate to do business with them again!
Randy Lott

Overall one of the best experiences i have ever had in a small engine shop. The people were very helpful and knowledgeable. Went through all the paces to try to help me with my problem and save me money. They have my business.
Carl Robert

A couple of years ago one dealer declared that my hydraulic system was unfixable and the only way that to get it to work was to buy a new hydraulic system or a new mower. I took the mower by Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment and Ray and his team assessed the situation and found that the fix would be very minor. I ended up only spending approximately $70 on the fix. They saved me hundreds of dollars. I have had no problem with my hydraulic system since. Over the past two years I’ve purchased other products and the followup and customer service has been excellent. I recommend Ray Hedgecock and Powerhouse to all my friends.
John Bracken