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LS Tractor MT226ED Compact Tractor

  • Redesigned air conditioning and roof configuration, providing additional head space and increased forward visibility
  • Much improved seat comfortability
  • Cruise control
  • Factory A/C cab available in a 25HP tractor
  • New hood design (LS Family look), Grill open space plus 20%
  • LED head Lamp
  • 1 Inch large tire size and four different tire options
  • Larger lifting capacity, loader lifting capacity -> New MT226E (LL3301/2) 1,965 lbs. New MT2E & MT2(LL3303) 2,506 lbs.
  • Workability, 4-point mount structure as well -> digging depth of 97.2” and bucket digging force of 3,663 lbs.
  • TF-LCD instrument panel providing various information like, regen time, oil change interval, etc.
  • E/G RPM interlocking switch (STD). When working at low RPM, instantaneous RPM can be increased by simply manipulating the toggle switch to momentarily increase loader speed/lift (option).
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